Dr. Charles W. Woodard


Dr. Charles W. Woodard

Please submit a photo or photos. We will not consider proposals unless accompanied by a photo of the speaker/speakers. If you are chosen as a speaker the photo will form part of the presenters web page.Agency/organization   Seed Consultation Services, LLC

Professional Title   Chief Executive Officer of Seed Consultation Services, LLC
Oversees the operation of an organization that deliver/provides services and products to public, private and nonprofit agencies/organizations. This results in improved service delivery, client satisfaction, and builds the capacity of staff to work with any group of people regardless of differences that may exist.

Title   Gentle Teaching Starts With Loving ME

I am from   West Palm Beach, Florida USA

Conducted Research the provided data that indicated the effectiveness of Gentle Teaching in working with Individuals that have Special Needs.

Dr. Woodard is the Owner/Founder of Seed Consultation Services, LLC (SCS). His Consulting Company focuses on Empowering others to Face and Overcome the Challenges that life presents. Sowing Seeds of Mastery via Information Sharing, Strategic Interventions, and Goal Directed Activities, SCS intends to help others to “Soar Like the Eagle”, Above the Storms of Life. Motto: “Sowing Enables Others to Soar”.

Dr. Woodard is a Mentor/Certified Gentle Teacher who was trained by Dr. John McGee in 1988. His Doctoral Dissertation examined the effectiveness of Gentle Teaching (GT), while working with Clients with Special Needs, at Midlands Center in Columbia, SC. He worked at this facility as the Director of the Mentally Retarded Offenders Program; and lastly, as the Chief Psychologist/Director of Psychological Services. He left in 2002; and after leaving, was inspired to start Seed Consultation Services, LLC. (SCS) His educational training, varied work experiences, as well as life experiences have given him knowledge and preparation for the purpose of Sowing Seeds of Empowerment, Knowledge and Success in others.

A motivational speaker, trainer, educator, and entrepreneur, he has taught at Colleges and Universities work with Head Start programs, S. C. Department of Juvenile Justice and N.C. Department of Corrections. An excellent workshop presenter and trainer, he has presented at workshops/conferences including but not necessarily limited too: Gentle Teaching International (Skanderborg Demark, Saskatoon Canada, Thessaloniki, Greece, Kansas City. Iceland), The National Black Child Development Institute, Region IV, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida Head Start Associations, and public & private child care providers.

Dr. Woodard worked as a Grantee Performance Support Specialist, as part of the T/TA Network for Region IV Head Start programs. The most popular/requested workshop that he has provided for the Region IV Head Start staff, parents, community partners, and other agencies has been Gentle Teaching. This workshop’s primary objective is to empower caregivers to develop positive, interactive, and mutually respected relationships with those within their care. Caregivers are taught how to base care on gentleness and justice, work hands on with the most troubled Individuals, provide servant leadership, and bring peers into gentleness and to serve as a clear and strong example (mentor). Caregivers are taught to self-reflect; create a spirit of trust, display unconditional love, and to uplift parents, families, caregivers and communities. Positive side effects of GT include an increase in the quality and quantity of participatory and interactive experiences. In addition, there is a significant decrease in the display of challenging behaviors and stress.

He has authored the book Self-Talk: Sign of Sanity, Insanity, or the Key to Self-Empowerment. Self-Talk takes a realistic look at how personal and individual feelings are formed. In fact, monitoring and changing one’s “self-talk” are the keys to self-control. Many believe that talking to oneself is a sign of insanity, but in this powerful examination of the common practice, it is rather described as a trait of true sanity and self-empowerment.
A must read, Self-Talk challenges conventional premises and definitions regarding the formation of thoughts, perceptions and feelings.